India pumping in more soldiers, weapons on entire eastern front


NEW DELHI: India continues to pump in additional troops and weapon systems on the entire eastern front in face of continuing belligerence from China on the Doklam standoff, even as diplomatic and military channels are being utilised in a bid to defuse the almost two-month-old crisis.


Sources said a top-level flag meeting between major-general rank officers from India and China was held at the Nathu La border personnel meeting (BPM) point in Sikkim for the first time on Friday, following failure of a similar meet between brigade commanders on August 8 to break the deadlock.



But the meeting also proved "inconclusive" with China remaining adamant that India should immediately withdraw its troops from the Bhutanese territory of Doklam near the Sikkim-Bhutan-Tibet tri-junction. "The Indian side held China should first remove its road construction equipment from the site. Both sides will now report back to their headquarters," said a source.



India's troop mobilisation comes in response to muscle-flexing by China, which has amassed troops, tanks and artillery in the Tibet Military District. "While the People's Liberation Army is showing its teeth in a bid to make us cower down, we have cranked up our caution levels," said a source.



-Aryan India India-India-14 hours ago
Fantastic job,need to teach china a lesson, China made a big mistake by messing up with India....


-Aryan India India-Location-13 hours ago
This is a right policy for India. No sabre rattling and show your strength and be prepared for any contingency. China thinks it can bamboozle us with all sorts of threats. We should show them that we are not cowards who will vacate fearing them. The Chinese now have to face up for all the stupid rhetoric they indulged and eat their humble pie.



-Vaibhav-Mumbai, Maharashtra, Ind-14 hours ago
Chinese are lier and dog eaters. Not trustworthy country. So all world should ban all Chinese products fully. I banned all Chinese products. I am not purchasing any Chinese products since last more than 1 year.



- Amit Trivedi-Jhansi-14 hours ago
Good move ... This war is very necessary... to let the world know .. . What is china and what is India... No matter if China is more powerful... But if the war take place .... The hard hitting response by India will end the fear of China forever in the world...



-Pappu-14 hours ago
Next target after Doklam will be POK



-SANJEEV KUMAR-Sitamarhi-14 hours ago
China''s aggressiveness destroy himself.



- Gautam-14 hours ago
China will get a bloody nose. India's Brahmos missiles are the best and the fastest in the world.



- Siv Sarkar-13 hours ago
Congratulations Army! Good job! Keep it up! If eventually there is a war, teach CHINKs such a lesson that they can never forget.



-Hridoy-12 hours ago
I can guarantee, China is playing psycological war game. Because they know it very well that once actual war starts more than gaining both China and India will be losers ! Even Chinese Govt. will not be able to show their to their public. They too know that India is no more push over.



-Kumar-mumbai-13 hours ago
If a war starts from china side, china will come to know the power of T90 tanks and bramos, poor china solders. most of china military officers dont have any experience. they are just communist party leaders. Once the war starts indian solders will teach a lesson china will never forget. china will never start a air attack, cos they have very old fighter jets.



-Vishal Pathak-12 hours ago
China is China because of India, if India stops using China products at pan India level. China will eventually come down to its knees. Nevertheless, people are becoming aware and slowly but steadily usage of Chinese products are facing a downfall



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