印度修公路运部队到中印边界 中方:印自己打脸

China says India slapping itself in the face with new road


BEIJING: China intensified its criticism of India on Thursday while discussing reports that India was building a road between Marsimik la to Hot Spring in Ladakh sector. "It seems that the Indian side is slapping its own face," Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said.



Beijing's aggressive stance indicates a strategy for creating a situation that might make it politically difficult for Modi to attend the Brics summit, observers said. India is building the road in an area close to Pangong lake, which saw an unarmed clash between soldiers of the two countries early this month.


In its advisory about India, China said, "There frequently occurred natural disasters, traffic accidents and infectious diseases in India (sic)." Beijing's second advisory to its citizens suggests an attempt to create a scare and reduce the flow of Chinese tourists to India in the hope that New Delhi will come under pressure.


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Nimesh-10 hours ago
Indian Business man should stop trading in Chinese products immediately so China will know how much they depend on Indian business man and Indian customers



Teddy Wang-7 hours ago
In fact nobody invites Indian Business man to China, They come by themselves. So please try all you can to stop them



Balachandran Vengasserry-10 hours ago
Indians in China beware, in hotels you will get dog fry instead of fish fry and snake fry for chicken fry



Anand-10 hours ago
Most devastating mine accidents happen in China.. Many times high speed trains have collided there.. China should keep off the internal matters of India by taking guise of issuing advisories...



Shirin Gohel-Porbandar-10 hours ago
Chinese are not welcome in India, we have preacher like Dalai Lama to help us, Chinese business and products should stay out of India with their people. India is always ready for solving internal problems.



wangyi-beijing-43 mins ago
in 1962, China tolerated India for three months before starting a war. so India''s time is limited. I suggest all you idiots get ready for it.


Yxorp-36 mins ago
Wake up... times have changed. 1962 was not normal for India. It was a weak army chief appointed by Nehru only because he was a friend. China already knows what happened in 1967. May be they should get used to tolerating for longer durations like 30 years.



Tapesh Majumdar-London, United Kingdom-7 hours ago
Does India need the Chinese tourists any way ? Chinese tourists are not big time spenders in India . They flock together as in all countries due to their lack of English skills . India , would rather be better off without the Chinese tourists !!



nani pulimati-Hyderabad-8 hours ago
Every kid also knows in Ind what is quality of China product....seems Chinese citizens habituated to their quality



Narayan-Others-9 hours ago
All the Chinese are most welcome to exit India. China has no disaster? What about the recent earthquake and the series of coal mine deaths they have?



Tale Hue Pakode-Lohe ki Kadai-11 hours ago
Whatever they are saying.. is true...


Global -11 hours ago
Is it? India remained like this for long time... Why they are saying it now? Any answer from you? If not, then you just shut up!



Pidched Rr-2 hours ago
Humm...looks like China was doing the same all these years when it was building roads near Indian border, mannerless chinkies with poor english



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