If China is so powerful, why don't I, an American, see Chinese influence?




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Cheng Cheng, Chinese
Answered Sep 11, 2016
I think most Chinese would agree with you that China is not so powerful, in the sense that she hasn't reached her potential and fulfilled our expectation.
China is still a relative poor country with only 6400 USD GDP per capita. She is not the cool kid in your school, she is the nerdy one. Just give her some time, let’s see what happens in the high school reunion.




Jaya Pillai, born and raised in the US of A.
Answered Sep 26, 2016
China is an economic superpower and the most populated country on earth. China is also the US’s biggest rival for political and naval power in the Pacific. (Think the Trans-Pacific Partnership President Obama has been promoting recently. So far China hasn’t been invited—I wonder why?)
China is influential on a global scale, economically, politically, and socially, but in ways that might be difficult to identify in our day-to-day lives because they are quite broad. Plus American news media does not do a good job of covering things outside the U.S. Add to that the vast cultural differences between the U.S. and China and it can be hard to see, but our government and businesses take China very, very seriously; the government is literally paying to send American college students to China so they can learn Mandarin (and several other languages over government has deemed ‘critical’- you can google the Critical Language Scholarship.)
Plus, the New York Times has an entire section titled “Sinosphere: Insight, analysis and conversation about Chinese culture, media, and politics.”

China’s influence on the global stage will only become more visible as time goes on.






Matthew Kendrick, Filmmaker and Radio Producer. 制片人及无线电节目制作。?? ??? ? ??? ????.
Answered Sep 11, 2016
You seen real estate prices in Vancouver and Seattle? Absolutely unaffordable due to Chinese capital flight. The real estate market in those two cities is seen as a more advantageous savings instrument than local banking in China.
Notice the low gas prices lately? You can thank in large part, a decade of Chinese renewable energy research yielding results and decreasing global demand for oil.
Wonder why every Marvel superhero movie seems to have a scene or a character from China? Or villains from Japan and Korea? Studios bank on the Chinese market to make up for fumbles in the domestic market.




Your Apple and Samsung products were manufactured in China, despite being nominally American and Korean companies.
Ever wonder why the USA didn’t just overrun North Korea between the end of the Cold War and their first nuclear test? China had already defeated the USA on the peninsula once before.
The truth of the matter is that China’s soft power focus is on South Asia and Africa, not the Americas, so we get less overt cultural overtures than one might expect. China’s influence on the states manifests less culturally and more economically and politically.





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