No change in Doklam status quo: Indian envoy denies Chinese build-up


NEW DELHI: India's ambassador to China has refuted recent reports that the Chinese military is stepping up infrastructure build-up in the Doklam area, reported news agency PTI.


"No, I can tell you that in Doklam area, which we call close proximity or sometimes the face off site, the area where there was close confrontation or close proximity between Indian and Chinese military troops, there is no change taking place today," said Gautam Bambawale in an interview to the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post.

“不,我可以告诉你,在洞朗地区,印度军队和中国军队之间存在近距离对抗或接近的地区,今天没有发生变化,”高塔姆班巴瓦勒(Gautam Bambawale)在接受香港南华早报的采访时说。



It was reported a few days ago that China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) was trying to circumvent Indian troop positions with a road axis in the Doklam area near the Sikkim-Bhutan-Tibet tri-junction.


While the Indian envoy accepted the possibility that the Chinese may be putting more military barracks to put in more soldiers, he clarified that this would be well behind the sensitive area.


Bambawale also once again emphasised that China should not change the status quo along the Indian border.


"In the sense that if the Chinese military is going to build a road, then they must tell us 'we are going to build a road'. If we do not agree to it then we can reply that, 'look, you're changing the status quo. Please don't do it. This is a very, very sensitive area," the envoy said.


"The India-China boundary is un-demarcated and un-delineated, so we have to talk to each other to delineate and demarcate it, which means to draw the boundary line," Bambawale said, even as he drew attention to the peace and tranquility between the two sides that continued during the Doklam incident.


He cautioned that "if anyone changes the status quo, it will lead to a situation like what happened in Doklam."


"The Chinese military changed the status quo in the Doklam area and therefore India reacted to it. Ours was a reaction to the change in the status quo by the Chinese military."


China is reportedly looking to take over Doklam or the Dolam Plateau to add strategic depth to its Chumbi Valley.


Sources said that PLA troops were "trying to work around or outflank" the Indian Doka La military outpost by constructing a new 1.3-km long road and "communication trenches" around 4-km away from the spot.

有消息称,中国人民解放军部队正在“试图绕过”印度的多卡拉(Doka La)军事哨所,在距事发地点约4公里的地方修建一条新的1.3公里长的公路。

This axis is significant as it could allow them access toward the Jampheri Ridge in south Doklam, as the PLA had wanted before last year's stand-off between the two sides.



Animesh Das:

We must maintain an eye to eye policy with China. They are too crafty to believe.



Dean M:

India and China are both mature Powers they will not incite any uneasiness at the border henceforth!! after doklam episode both countries have learnt their limitations and no one will try to change status quo!!



Wake Up India:

this is the biggest lie. we r kept in dark. china has already taken over in Doklam.
it's all finish. this people have selling our country pieces by pieces.
wake up India #





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