Tim Cook told Trump China tariffs were the wrong move


In a new interview with Bloomberg television, Apple CEO Tim Cook says he addressed China trade tariffs in a late-April meeting with President Trump.


"I talked about trade and the importance of trade, and how I felt that two countries trading together make the pie larger,” Cook said, adding that while there are existing problems with U.S./China trade policies, Trump’s approach is not the right way forward. “I felt that tariffs were not the right approach there, and I showed him some more analytical kinds of things to demonstrate why.”


The tariffs are largely regarded as one key element in a looming trade war between the two superpowers. Apple, for its part, could easily get caught in the crossfire, as the company relies on China as a key to its international sales.


Apple has been hit with declining sales in the country, along with other top smartphone vendors, but its 41 retail stores in China are the most in a single region outside the U.S. It’s easy to see how the company could get caught in the midst of an escalating war trade war between the countries.


Of course, Trump does appear to have made some concessions in an unexpected area. Over the weekend, he announced plans to give ZTE a reprieve on its seven-year U.S. trade ban, after the company violated Iran sanctions. Trump cited, of all things, a loss of jobs in China as a key reason behind the reversal.


For his part, Cook is very much behind corporate tax cuts, which have been benefited Apple.“We’re also going to buy some of our stock because we view our stock as a good value,” Cook said in the interview “It’s good for the economy as well because if people sell stock they pay taxes on their gains.”




17 hours ago

IOW: Since all of Apple products are made there, imposing tariffs on Chinese-made products would impact them.




17 hours ago

not an apple fan but are any of apples products made in the USA?




17 hours ago

Cooks verse ......One for me and all for me......Bring more Manufacturing bac to US



Franke's Travel

17 hours ago

And THIS is exactly why I do NOT purchase any Apple products!




16 hours ago

Apple is buying back stocks using the tax break. Well, isn’t that great for trickling down?



Dan E.

17 hours ago

And I'm sure Tim Cook is speaking as an American and not as the CEO of Apple who might have higher costs as a result of the tariffs????

Get real Tim Cook may oppose special interest groups but he sure does speak freely about his Apple portfolio and is trying to protect his own pocket book, not America.





17 hours ago

what would you expect Tim cook to say. Thats where all his manufacturing is




17 hours ago

maybe cook should run for president if he knows all the right answers......I suspect tim cook is just worried about his profits



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