World's largest spokeless Ferris Wheel opens: 475ft tall 'Bohai Eye' with a completely hollow center welcomes Chinese tourists


The world's largest spokeless Ferris Wheel officially opened to the public today.


The £17.4 million futuristic structure in eastern China comes with 36 carts, each of which is able to carry eight to 10 passengers and equipped with Wi-Fi, air-conditioning and a TV set.


Standing 145 metres (475 feet) tall with a completely hollow centre, the incredible attraction is 10 metres (32 feet) taller than the iconic, cantilevered 'London Eye' in the British capital.


A typical ride on the extraordinary attraction takes about 30 minutes. All tourists will be offered an unparalleled view of the Bailang River in Weifang, Shandong Province.


Its name, the 'Bohai Eye', refers to the Bohai Sea, which Weifang city is built along.


And different from most Ferris Wheels, the 'Bohai Eye' has been built onto the 540-metre-long (1,771-foot-long) Bailang River Bridge.


As the world's first spokeless Ferris wheel with grid design, the massive amusement park-style attraction is set to become the newest and most eye-catching landmark of Weifang, a city best known for its kite-making industry.


The crisscrossing steel beams holding the Ferris wheel together have been described as a 'dragon spine', and the complex architecture is vital for pulling off the spokeless and shaftless design, making the centre completely hollow like a giant high-tech wheel.


Perhaps most surprising of all is that engineers have felt the need to install television sets inside the carts.


The designers have yet to reveal what will be played on the TVs, but members of the public have guessed it could be real-time footage of their location in relation to the whole wheel.


Wi-Fi will also be offered in each cart, allowing tourists to connect to the internet with their mobile devices and brag to the world about their experiences right away.


Some 4,600 tonnes of steel were used in the building of the Ferris wheel, which will take half an hour to complete one rotation - plenty of time for tourists to snap up some amazing photos.


Footage released by the local television station and shared by People's Daily shows a number of lucky visitors taking a ride on the spinning wheel during trial runs.


The world's largest Ferris Wheel at present is the 'High Roller' in Las Vegas at 167 metres (550 feet) tall. Its rim is connected to the hub by 112 cable.


The 'High Roller' beats the previous record holder, the 'Singapore Flyer' in Singapore, by just two metres (6.5 feet) in diametre.



weAll - iNothing, London, United Kingdom, about 10 hours ago

Unlike the London Eye this one seems to lack a view worth getting on-board for. And what view there is is even covered in smog it seems. So not quite large enough as it seems getting above the clouds would be the only thing that could make this worth the ride.



RedRed Robin, Random IL, United States, about 10 hours ago

Let's hope the standard of manufacture is higher than that of their escalators & elevators.



RedRed Robin, Random IL, United States, about 10 hours ago

It's ok, I never spoke Chinese anyway.



My Name Is Bob, New York, United States, about 10 hours ago

Not a true Ferris Wheel. It's more a round roller coaster since the wheel is static.



SGinNC, Fayetteville, United States, about 14 hours ago

Just imagine if you had a break down at the top. I just hope they put in a way so that you could get out and get down if this occurred. People die all the time in hot cars. This is essentially a car in the hottest part of the world and possibly out of reach of rescuers.



NotFromThisWorld1, manchester, United States, about 14 hours ago

hmm...made is china. soon to be rolling off into the river!



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