黎明报: 特朗普宣布对500亿美元中国商品征收关税

Trump announces US tariffs on $50 billion in Chinese imports


China has said that it will retaliate with $50 billion in tariffs in response, rattling financial markets.


Trump has vowed to fulfill his campaign pledge to crack down on what he contends are China’s unfair trade practices and efforts to undermine US technology and intellectual property. During an impromptu appearance on the White House North Law, the president hailed his “very big tariffs” on China.



“You know we have the great brain power in Silicon Valley, and China and others steal those secrets. And we’re going to protect those secrets. Those are crown jewels for this country,” Trump said.


“’There is no trade war. They’ve taken so much,” Trump said in an interview with “Fox & Friends”.

特朗普在接受《Fox & Friends》采访时表示:“不会有贸易战,已经付出很多了。”

The tariffs will cover 1,102 Chinese product lines worth about $50 billion a year. Those include 818 products, worth $34 billion a year, remaining from a list of 1,333 the administration released in April. The government will start to collect the tariffs from July 6.


The administration is also targeting another 284 Chinese products, which the administration says benefit from China’s aggressive industrial policies, worth $16 billion a year but won’t impose those tariffs until it collects public comment.


“It’s thorough. It’s moderate. It’s appropriate,” US Trade Rep. Robert Lighthizer said Friday on the Fox Business Network. He added: “Our hope is that it doesn’t lead to a rash reaction from China.”


Trump has already slapped tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Canada, Mexico and European allies, and his proposed tariffs against China risk starting a trade war involving the world’s two biggest economies.


Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said on Friday that China’s response would be immediate and that Beijing would “take necessary measures to defend our legitimate rights and interests”.


Geng gave no details. Beijing earlier drew up a list of $50 billion in US products that would face retaliatory tariffs, including beef and soybeans, a shot at Trump’s supporters in rural America.


Trump’s decision on the Chinese tariffs comes in the aftermath of his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The president has coordinated closely with China on efforts to get Pyongyang to eliminate its nuclear arsenal. But he signaled that whatever the implications, “I have to do what I have to do” to address the trade imbalance.


Wall Street has viewed the escalating trade tensions with wariness, fearful that they could strangle the economic growth achieved during Trump’s watch and undermine the benefits of the tax cuts he signed into law last year.


The administration is also working on proposed Chinese investment restrictions by June 30.

“Imposing tariffs places the cost of China’s unfair trade practices squarely on the shoulders of American consumers, manufacturers, farmers, and ranchers,” said Thomas Donohue, president of the US Chamber of Commerce. “This is not the right approach.”





Suraj71 about 17 hours ago

Self centered Chinese are alone against US in trade war.



Nadeem about 17 hours ago

Quite interesting that how two economic giants strangle each other. Ultimate benefit may shift to smaller economies. But Trump is no doubt turning to be most successful US President despite huge criticism.



Joe about 17 hours ago

Grant this man, unlike his predecessor,he totally looks for economic well-being of USA,For any layman it isn't a rocket science to know about unfair trade practices China indulges in.Is there a single country in world which has trade surplus with China.? Luckily there are only a handful world leaders who are now challenging this practice of China.Modi is also in that list.

支持特朗普,和他的前任不同,他完全是在寻找美国的经济福祉。要了解中国所纵容的不公平贸易行为,对于任何门外汉来说都并非难事。世界上有哪个国家对中国有贸易顺差? 幸运的是,目前有少数世界领导人在挑战中国的这种行为。莫迪也在其中。


Hafeez about 17 hours ago

Food for thought for Canada and Justin Treadau. WHO were slapped with similar tariffs.



Ali about 17 hours ago

China became big by copying other's products, selling them dirt cheap and then flooding international markets by dumping them in any country which was not guarding its local industries.



A shah about 17 hours ago

Trump is doing a great job in isolating himself.



Zak about 16 hours ago

Trump is isolating America. Now Europe , Russia and China stand shoulder to shoulder opposing US.



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