Here are all the US states that ship more than $1 billion worth of goods to China that would be slammed by tariffs


President Donald Trump escalated his trade dispute with China earlier this week, ordering the US Trade Representative to compile a list of $200 billion worth of Chinese goods to be subjected to an additional 10% tariff. Trump's decision came three days after he announced tariffs on $50 billion worth of Chinese goods that would be subject to a 25% tariff. In turn, China said it would slap the US with tariffs on $50 billion worth of US imports starting in July. China's tariffs would target energy and agricultural products, such as ornamental fish, whiskey, and coal — which would affect some states more than others. Business Insider used US Commerce Department data to determine the number of tariff-eligible


There are eight US states that exported more than $1 billion worth of tariff-eligible goods to China in 2017.

Business Insider used US Commerce Department data to determine the number of tariff-eligible goods from each state shipped to China in 2017.



Because of the US database's limitations, the totals include some foreign-sourced goods that may not be subject to China's tariffs. Those goods represent a small portion of the overall values.


Additionally, the database measures exports using a system called Origin of Movement. This measures where exports are sent from rather than where they are produced. While research shows that Origin of Movement can be a solid proxy for production, the Census Bureau data may provide an undercount for some upstream producers.


For instance, some farmers in the Midwest ship their soybeans to Louisiana for transport, which increases the count for Louisiana. Given the fact that Louisiana still relies on the shipping and sales for its economy, the data is still helpful to evaluate the pain from the tariffs — but it may undercount the lost value to some upstream producers.


There are eight US states that exported more than $1 billion worth of tariff-eligible goods to China in 2017:


1. Texas: Tariff-eligible export amount: $8,022,380,040

In Texas, the biggest hit will come from crude oil and propane. The state sent $3.7 billion worth of crude oil to China last year, and $1.7 billion worth of propane.

2. Louisiana: Tariff-eligible export amount: $6,627,390,388

Some farmers in the Midwest ship their soybeans to Louisiana for transport, which increases the count for Louisiana.

Given the fact that Louisiana still relies on the shipping and sales for its economy, the data is still helpful to evaluate the pain from the tariffs — but it may undercount the lost value to some upstream producers.

3. Washington: Tariff-eligible export amount: $5,231,988,100

4. California: Tariff-eligible export amount: $4,560,897,434

5. Alabama: Tariff-eligible export amount: $2,620,256,485

About $1.9 billion of the state's $2.6 billion in goods is comprised of small-engined vehicles.

6. South Carolina: Tariff-eligible export amount: $2,588,390,677

7. Illinois: Tariff-eligible export amount: $2,123,222,976

8. Kentucky: Tariff-eligible export amount: $1,006,565,148


1、德克萨斯州:符合关税条件的出口额: 8, 022,380,040美元



2、路易斯安那:符合关税条件的出口额: 6 627 390,388美元











6、 南卡罗来纳:符合关税条件的出口额:2,588,390,677美元


7、 伊利诺伊州:符合关税条件的出口额:2,123,222,976美元


8、 肯塔基州:符合关税条件的出口额:1,006,565,148美元


文章: http://www.businessinsider.com/states-affected-by-chinese-tariffs-on-u-s-goods-trump-2018-6#8-kentucky-tariff-eligible-export-amount1006565148-8


Middle Class Representer-yesterday

When is Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump going to return all the manufacturing for the Trump Corporations product lines to America instead of to China?




One thing Trump fails to understand is that the goods we export can be easily replaced. The goods we imports cannot be produced domestically as easily. Factories don't grow on trees.



Kevin Patton-yesterday

Here come the layoffs and the "we have to do more with less" strategy to reduce costs again. Good thing we got that HUGE tax cut though... then again, if you're unemployed it really doesn't matter that much does it?




I wonder why he hasn't put tariff's on clothing, shoes or accessories? Guess it's not that big of an industry for him to wry about....

我想知道他为什么不对衣服、鞋子或配饰加征关税? 估计这些行业是他不关心的



Some action needs to also be taken to stop the manufacturers here from moving all the work to China. Many that have done that are bringing the work back because of quality issues and poor craftsmanship in China. The Chinese believe we are easy targets and they do not need to work hard to keep our business or sell us products.




America First...




I had and economic professor once preach, sometimes you have to loose $10.00 out of your left pocket in order to put $100.00 in your right pocket. She also went on to say some people fear the loss of the 10 so much they loose sight of the gain of a 100.



Gregory-21 hours ago

Trump:" "I had to give ZTE a deal, we were going to cost them manufacturing jobs".



Mark-20 hours ago

it simply means we will pay more for donalds actions. it has noting to do with fair trade




US is sinking faster than Titanic.




I stand 100 % with Trump on fair trade !! Free and fair trade for all countries........ GO TRUMP GO.........Make America great again........



Joel-12 hours ago

US workers will ultimately lose.



Anon Girl-16 hours ago

I am SO pleased that the Red States will bear the brunt of this. They deserve their economy to be taken down.........wait till the recession hits them as well. No doubt they will blame the Democrats as usual.




Higher prices lowers demand , this article fails to mention the downside for China .. China's economy is a little larger than 1 third of the America economy but with 1.3 Billion population ..So that would be like America cutting 2/3rds of it's economy and added 1 Billion more people . That's a complete and total nightmare , not to mention the Chinese workers are slaves to the State . China acts tough but being aware of these facts i posted makes you smarter as to what China really is . Fragile .



Incredulous-23 hours ago

We aren't a manufacturing nation anymore since he and his friends sent all our jobs to China and elsewhere. So beyond the tariffs, where will we get our goods if there are no factories to make them? Are we thinking things through here?





Yes, fair trade must be equal % of tariffs.




There might be some pain, but things will come around. If we stopped buying from China, they will feel the pinch. Would love to see more "made in America" labels.




The Chinese ultimate goal is the world conquest. Towards the east, it will acquire the South and the East China Sea, go into the Pacific and defeat the United States in the near future. Towards the west, it will conquer Europe and Africa with one belt one road strategy. We can understand the behavior of China well with this perspective.

For preventing such a dark future, we should contain China now by economic strategies. Financial policy to wreck China's economy must be carried out.

Even if our economic losses with it are very big, it is better than the World War 3.






I bought a pair of shoelaces on Ebay, from China $ 0.30, free shipping, no tariff ...it's at least $ 2.10 at Walgreens ...



M X-yesterday

The right didn't get the depression they wanted in 2008 so they are going bigly this time! 3rd world status here we come!

Thanks conservatives!




Michael-8 hours ago

It was the business philosophy of the elites and oligarchs to pack up their U.S. factories and ship them overseas. Guys, it is not the government that is the enemy, it is the monopolist and oligarchies, they just see our country as just a cash machine, they do not care about you and me or the country, they can live anywhere. We have not enforced the Sherman Antitrust Act since Regan was in office.



ChuckLunch-19 hours ago

Hey Trump! I'm still waiting on those income taxes



Marlon Jackson-23 hours ago

Make America Great Depression Again!




I will stand by America by voting against Trump



They call me Ruby-12 hours ago

Now lets see who blinks first...



Preybrother-17 hours ago

Trump has created more jobs in the last six months than Obammy did in eight! Wonder where most of our goods came from before Nixon? You guessed it...the good old USA. If we had "free" trade with the old USSR they would still be around today.



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