黎明报: 曲棍球冠军杯揭幕战,印度4:0击败巴基斯坦

India trounce Pakistan 4-0 in hockey Champions Trophy opener


India beat Pakistan 4-0 as they faced off on the hockey turf for the opening match of the 37th (and last) edition of the Champions Trophy Men’s tournament held in the Netherlands city of Breda on Saturday.




But the game wasn't as one-sided as the scoreline of 4-0 might suggest. In fact, India led by just one goal up until the 54th minute of the one-hour long match.

However, a domino effect of sorts then followed, with the green shirts conceding three goals within the last six minutes.



According to a Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) press release, the last two goals of the match came when Pakistan replaced the goalkeeper with an outfield player. All the Indian goals came through open play.


Ramandeep Singh scored at 26, Dilpreet Singh at 54, Mandeep Singh at 57 minutes, and Lalit Upadhay within the last minute of the game.

拉曼特·辛格在第26分钟时进了1球,迪普里特·辛格在第54分钟时进了1球, 曼迪姆·辛格在在第57分钟进了1球,拉尔特·普里阿德在比赛最后一分钟进了1球。

According to match statistics provided by PHF, the green shirts possessed the ball 50.7 per cent of the time.

But in a match like this, it all boils down to availing chances and here India outclassed Pakistan, ending up the winners.



Former national hockey team player, Khwaja Junaid, who won the bronze medal at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, lashed out at the team's poor performance.

"The results of appointing a foreign coach are starting to show," he said criticising the PHF's decision to appoint Roelant Oltmans as Pakistan's new coach. He said it was pitiful to see the side defeated by India (whom he considers a weak team) after having spent a month in Holland for training.

在1992年巴塞罗那夏季奥运会上获得铜牌的前国家曲棍球队队员Khwaja Junaid怒斥了球队的糟糕表现。

“任命外国教练的后果开始显现了”Khwaja Junaid批评了巴基斯坦曲棍球联合会任命罗兰特•奥尔特曼斯(Roelant Oltmans)为巴基斯坦新任教练的决定。他说,巴基斯坦队在荷兰训练了一个月,看到他们被印度(他认为印度是一支弱队)打败很是遗憾。

Apart from host team the Netherlands, India, and Pakistan, the other teams participating in the tournament are Australia, Argentina, and Belgium. The matches will take place from June 23 to July 1.

The tournament will be replaced by the Hockey Pro League (HPL) in 2019.






Anil Bhadauria-a day ago

Excellent execution by team India. I had seen entire match. India outplayed Pakistan.



Kannappan-a day ago

Congratulations Team India. Winning is always good and against Pakistan is special. Keep it up.



umair ali-a day ago

Pakistan played very well. Just just a number of chances.the improvement is evident. The Will do better in the next match



Sam-a day ago

self consoling article .... they were outplayed



Bik-a day ago

Last 11game the Pak team did not managed to win against india,most matches ended up with score of 4-0 on average. Though as an india fans its excited to see such dominance but it also means death of asian hockey. Wonder what Pak hockey board is doing



Ahmad-a day ago

Playgrounds have diminished especially in urban areas of Pakistan. Our youth is more into playing video games now. Much like other things the future of healthy sports is grim in Pakistan. Imran Khan is the last hope for survival of this country.



Moazam-a day ago

The better performing team won.



AXH-a day ago

Considering the state of Hockey in Pakistan, it was an achievement just to make it to the CT tournament.



Abu-a day ago

India is far better than Pakistan in sports. Indian gets world class facility as compared. We need to makes more grants in all sports not only in crickets



Vorshal-a day ago

Wait till CPEC is operational and profitable. Pakistan will be the best team in hockey, cricket, and all other sports!



Citizen-a day ago

Congratulations team India on well deserved and well managed victory and hope they will win all next big tournaments including Olympic and world cup



Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad-a day ago

Part of the game. The tournament is still wide open.



Aslam Qadri-a day ago

As usual instead of article criticizing Pakistan, says they played well, defeat by 4-0 means, you did not even qualify as a competition to put a goal on the other side.



Ikram-a day ago

It’s amazing how the ex players start blaming the foreign coaches immediately. When was the last time a Pakistani coach had the team perform any better.



Rana-a day ago

They spent one month in Holland already. I'm feeling jealous.



Prawveen-a day ago

Pak played really well. Pak team is improving but saw other match ( Belgium and Australia) and they are much better compare to Indo Pak.



Ajay Ladkani-a day ago

The match indeed was one sided. Difference between teams ranked 3 rd and 13 th was quite evident in the field.



Last Word-a day ago

Congratulations to team India however, the real test lies ahead against the stronger teams.



Last Word-a day ago

"It is pitiful to see the side defeated by India after having spent a month in Holland" Junaid should have taken all factors into consideration before making this statement. Firstly, India which is 6th in world ranking is a much superior side as compared to Pakistan ranked 13th. Secondly, one month preparation in Holland is just not enough to compete with top teams may require years to improve Pakistan's performance at the international level.



conspiracy_theory-a day ago

I expected atleast 5 goals from India.



CHISTI-a day ago

In hockey they can never defeat india.....



Prateik-a day ago

Just a day ago, India beat Pakistan in kabaddi.



Shubs-a day ago

Ok, practice match over. India should move on to the real games.



Robin-about 18 hours ago

"The results of appointing a foreign coach are starting to show," he said criticising the PHF's decision to appoint Roelant Oltmans as Pakistan's new coach. He said it was pitiful to see the side defeated by India (whom he considers a weak team) after having spent a month in Holland for training.

Yes, India is a weak team indeed. They just have beaten the Olympic champion Argentina.

“任命外国教练的后果开始显现了”Khwaja Junaid批评了巴基斯坦曲棍球联合会任命罗兰特•奥尔特曼斯(Roelant Oltmans)为巴基斯坦新任教练的决定。他说,巴基斯坦队在荷兰训练了一个月,看到他们被印度(他认为印度是一支弱队)打败很是遗憾。



Blue-a day ago

When did Pakistan last beat India in hockey!? It's been years now...!!



Lost name-a day ago

Even in loss you try to show your upper hand. Take loss or win in sporting spirit. The players are playing a game they are not at war. Good show by both teams. There has to be only one winner.



Pervez-a day ago

Dubious tactics. Our coach could have a soft corner for India. After all he had a long association with them and could be waiting for getting to coach them again.



Crying Owl-a day ago

Excuses won't work.



Bik-a day ago

"He said it was pitiful to see the side defeated by India (whom he considers a weak team)"

india is ranked no.5 in the world right now and the former pak player considers the current indian team a weak.




point of view-a day ago

Pakistan is the weakest and worst team in the hockey playing countries when they play and conduct during game.


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