英媒: 中国取消对英国进口牛肉的禁令

China lifts longstanding mad cow ban on British beef which will boost farmers £250million in first five years


China has lifted its longstanding ban on British beef in a move which officials said would be worth £250 million to UK producers in the first five years alone.


The Chinese government imposed a ban on beef exported from the UK more than 20 years ago in the wake of the BSE outbreak, commonly known as mad cow disease.


The decision to lift the ban is the culmination of several years of site inspections and negotiations between the UK and Chinese government officials, the Environment Department (Defra) said.


Environment Secretary Michael Gove said: 'This is fantastic news for our world-class food and farming industry and shows we can be a truly outward-looking Britain outside the European Union.


'Today's milestone will help to unlock UK agriculture's full potential and is a major step to forging new trading relationships around the globe.'


The announcement will allow official market access negotiations to begin, a process which typically takes around three years.


It follows the Prime Minister's trade mission to China earlier this year, where she agreed new measures to improve market access to China, officials said.


National Farmers' Union livestock board chairman Richard Findlay said: 'This is clearly very positive news for British beef producers, who now have the opportunity to supply one of the biggest markets in the world.


'However, we have to remember this announcement is the start of negotiations to secure access to the demanding Chinese market.


'The NFU will support and work with Government and industry to deliver access for the beef sector as soon as practically possible.


'British beef is produced to some of the highest production and animal welfare standards in the world and as we look ahead to life outside of the EU, this is an important step to taking the British brand to new markets.'



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handley1, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 6 minutes ago

Poor poor animals. More to the slaughter houses where they meet no mercy. Jeremy Corbyn, as PM. Hopefully, being vegetarian he would demonstrate compassion, prior to signing cruelty legislation. Wonder why China needs more animals to eat, given their well-known practice of torturing dogs and cats to consume!



Paul Gilson, Essex, United Kingdom, 12 minutes ago

More suffering, poor things.



James, Manchester, United Kingdom, 23 minutes ago

Hurrah!. Theresa has solved the brexit dilemma. It doesn't matter now if airbus and all the car manufacturers leave Britain. We can sell cow's to China. We're saved. I knew she could do it.



Bravo27, London, United Kingdom, 24 minutes ago

British cows are the best in the world.



Mrcitroen, Blackpool, United Kingdom, 38 minutes ago

It's a government disease BSE blame someone else



Bill, Wasp in the South, United Kingdom, about an hour ago

I know this will help our exports but why on Earth does a country import beef from half way around the world when they could buy it from countries a lot closer, or even increase their own beef production.



Nulli Secundus, Oxford, United Kingdom, about 4 hours ago

Does this mean Theresa May can now visit China?



Just Left of Center, Chatham, United Kingdom, about 4 hours ago

I believe that only certain people went on to suffer this terrible illness and it's something to do with their physical make-up. Illnesses like meningitis for instance, we all carry a strain of it in our throats, but only certain people go on to develop it, a bit like the MMR vaccine and autism!



Are You Kidding, Kiwi Land, New Zealand, about 4 hours ago

USA farmers will rue the day Trump proposed / imposed tarriffs



Constable Plod, Sydney, Australia, about 5 hours ago

Australian, Argentinian and Brazilian beef exports to China are all soaring as Trump squanders years of effort by American beef producers to enter China's notoriously picky market. This is China giving a middle finger to the Yanks after Trump's ill-considered 'trade war.'



RichardRight, London, Namibia, 6 hours ago

The beef industry in the UK is now tiny, they won't get anything like that as they struggle to supply the UK market.



Gooner, London, United Kingdom, 6 hours ago

This is NOT a Brexit bonus and import bans or tariffs can be reimposed any time. This lifting of the ban would apply even if we Remain.



Parley, Sheffield, United Kingdom, 7 hours ago

Strange how China can be bothered about this when it's poisoning it's own people in some areas with pollution.



Are You Kidding, Kiwi Land, New Zealand, 4 hours ago

** China has deservedly copped a lot of flak in the past. BUT their decision to NOT be the world's dumping ground for plastics is a game-changer ... forcing the rest of us to accept responsibility for our own polluting practices. They're leading the charge on renewable energy, & saw on YouTube the other day how they're attempting to re-vegetate deserts.



Bill, Wasp in the South, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago

@Are You Kidding, if you saw it on YouTube then it must be correct, although you might want to read up on 'political propaganda' which has been found to be most effective to naive individuals who believe everything they see online.

@Are You Kidding你在YouTube上看到了就觉得一定是对的么,你也可以把它当做“政治宣传”,这对天真的人来说是最有效的,因为他们相信在网上看到的一切。


Steff1708, Ballasalla, Isle Of Man, 7 hours ago

Lost a family member to cjd don't joke about something you know nothing about.



HuNtInG.ArOuNd, North Korea, United Kingdom, 7 hours ago

Because China is thinking to stop importing beet from USA that's y they r searching new sellers it's good news for British farmers



Destructivedave, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 7 hours ago

Make sure its the cows from the fields around the nuclear plant they are building.



William, Denton, United Kingdom, 8 hours ago

I only ever buy Scottish beef emblazoned with the Proud Scottish Saltire of Brave Scottish Scotland.



Ms Vanje - Ms Vanje - Ms Vanje, Drag City, United States Minor Outlying Islands, 8 hours ago

And yet the UK still need to deal with shoddy Chinese electrical goods that have caused numerous deaths , far more than a old bit of beef



Captain Mayhab, HMS Brexit, United Kingdom, 8 hours ago

Who would have thought this was possible to do within the EU? Next they'll be saying being in the EU hasn't prevented Germany becoming an exporting giant.



Caroline, Limousin, France, 8 hours ago

China shows no compassion to animals, just hope the poor cows do not have to take a long stressful journey . No animal should be exported to a country known for cruelty and without welfare laws.



Arthur2shedsjackson, Hampstead, United Kingdom, 8 hours ago

I think they will be slaughtered here and the carcasses will be sent to China.



Politically Homeless, Wales, United Kingdom, 8 hours ago

Such a shame. Even more poor animals bred for human greed. So sad.



Arthur Fraynb0rg, Vortex, United Kingdom, 8 hours ago

I'm surprised they didn't import it before for Tibet. What a communist government wouldn't feed to a vassal state, successive British governments fed us,.



Joe Shih, Geylang, Singapore, 9 hours ago

Gee.......do people ever think about what would happen to all the cows, pigs, chickens, etc if everyone went totally vegetarian tonight at midnight?



Boogleloo, Mountain land, Canada, 9 hours ago

They still have a...m a d...c o w...in Germany, and she will be even madder now Germany's out of the world cup.



CensorshipOnDM, Earth, United Kingdom, 9 hours ago

Dogs, cows , whatever.. they all have their own personalities! And they shouldn¿t be eaten.

狗、牛、还有其他动物. .都有自己的个性!他们不应该被我们吃掉。


Jolliehaha, London, United Kingdom, 10 hours ago

Funny really, cows bred in China have twelve heads and no legs. Strange what pollution will do. Crispy fried beef with luminous wice any 1. goes down like a lead balloon.



Ron, Leeds, 11 hours ago

If Holland hadn't rendered down cow carcasses into feed for our cattle, it wouldn't have happened. Most commoners would know that already but not DEFRA.


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