Mumbai: Day after Andheri bridge collapse, another one develops cracks


MUMBAI: Just after a day when the bridge that connects Andheri East to West in Mumbai collapsed on railway tracks, another bridge running over railway tracks in Grant Road developed cracks and was shut for traffic on Wednesday.

"The bridge at Grant road station has cracked, hence the traffic has been diverted to Nana chowk towards Kennedy bridge," the Mumbai Police said in a tweet.


孟买警方在推特上说:“格兰特路站的天桥已出现裂缝,通行请改道至Nana chowk通往肯尼迪桥。”


The bridge at Grant road station has cracked, hence the traffic has been diverted to Nana chowk towards Kennedy bridge #Traffic Update

& mdash; Mumbai Police (@MumbaiPolice) July 4, 2018

路况更新--孟买警方(@MumbaiPolice) 2018年7月4日

“格兰特路站的天桥已出现裂缝,通行改道至Nana chowk通往肯尼迪桥。”

The Frere bridge connects Nana chowk on the west of the railway tracks to Novelty cinema on east.

该天桥西侧通向Nana chowk,东侧通往新奇电影院。

MC disaster control room said that they closed the bridge as a precautionary measure.

BMC engineers stated that the crack is not a major one and they are examining if it damaged any portion of the bridge pillar. BMC maintain the bridge surface.


Brihanmumbai 市政公司(简称BMC)的工程师称裂缝并不严重,他们正在检查桥柱部位是否有损坏。Brihanmumbai 市政公司负责桥面养护。

Officials stated that the crack was noticed on Tuesday night and they closed it for traffic on Wednesday to check the structure. Senior engineers from the railway and BMC are at the spot examining the bridge structure.

官员称,这条裂缝是在周二晚上被发现的,周三他们便封闭了天桥以检查桥体结构。铁路部门和Brihanmumbai 市政公司高级工程师在现场检查桥体结构。

Railways Minister Piyush Goyal had visited the accident site and ordered an inquiry by the Commissioner of Rail Safety.

铁路部长皮尤什·戈亚尔(Piyush Goyal)视察了事故现场,并下令对铁路安全专员进行调查。

He had also said that during the next six months, a joint safety audit will be conducted by the Railways, the BMC and the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, at the 445 road over-bridges, foot over-bridges and bridges over pipelines in Mumbai as part of efforts to improve safety for the commuters.


The BMC today said the structural audit of 274 bridges was underway and a final action plan for repairs, maintenance and re-construction will be prepared within a week.

Brihanmumbai 市政公司今天表示,对274座桥梁的结构审计正在进行中,一星期内将准备好修复、养护和重建的最终实施计划。

"Our department is carrying out the structural audit of 274 bridges since the last year and the work is in final stages. We hope to prepare a final list soon of bridges under various categories - in good condition, requiring minor repairs, major repairs or requiring reconstruction," BMC's chief engineer (bridges) Shitlaprasad Kori told PTI.

The good bridges would be the ones that do not require any immediate repairs, he said.

“自去年以来,我们一直在对274座桥梁进行结构审计,目前已进入最后阶段。我们希望尽快准备一份关于桥梁现状的最终清单,分别归类为状况良好,需要进行小修、大修或需要重建”Brihanmumbai 市政公司的首席工程师(桥梁方面的)Shitlaprasad Kori告诉印度报业托拉斯。


The minor repairs of bridges would include fixing tiles and leakages, while the ones having structural flaws will require major repairs or maintenance, Kori said.

Under the fourth category, the bridges which are in a dilapidated condition will be demolished and new ones will be constructed, he said.

Of these 274 bridges, 137 are located in the western suburbs, 60 in the eastern suburbs and 77 in the main city.




Kori said the Gokhale over-bridge that collapsed yesterday was constructed and owned by the BMC, but it was the Western Railway's responsibility to maintain it.

Kori称,昨天坍塌的Gokhale天桥由Brihanmumbai 市政公司建造并归其所有,但是西部铁路公司负责天桥的养护。

"Not only for this bridge, we have paid bills of the Western Railway (WR) and the Central Railway (CR) for the maintenance of bridges falling in their territory," he said.


"In the last four years, we have paid Rs 92.51 crore to CR and Rs 11.25 crore to WR after they submitted the estimated costs for the reconstruction and maintenance of various infrastructure owned by us and located on their premises,"he further said.


Kori denied WR's claims that the optic fibre cable, sanctioned by the BMC, may have led to the corrosion and collapse of the Gokhale over-bridge.

The WR yesterday said it was not aware about pipelines and optic fibre cable laid on the collapsed over-bridge.

西部铁路公司称,经Brihanmumbai 市政公司批准的光纤电缆可能导致了Gokhale天桥的腐蚀和坍塌。Kori否认了这一说法。


"This is not the time to indulge in 'blame game'. Everyone knows what an optic fibre cable weighs...almost negligible. May be, the permission was granted at the local ward level, but railway's nod is a pre-requisite condition for laying out the optic fibre cable," Kori added. (With inputs from PTI)


Advisory: #GokhaleFlyover will be closed for traffic for repair work for a few days. Commuters are advised to take route thru Balasaheb Thakre bridge Jogeshwari /Milan flyover Santacruz/Mrunal tai Gore flyover Malad Goregaon/Captain Gore bridge Parla / Andheri-Khar-Milan subway

& mdash; Mumbai Police (@MumbaiPolice) July 3, 2018

孟买警方(@MumbaiPolice) 2018年7月3日推特内容:



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Anthony4856 Anthony-goa-4 hours ago

British built bridges are still standing strong but our Indian ones are going down



Mushtaq Qadri6789 Mushtaq-3 hours ago

Don't panic, these are the cracks in central government. Wait till 2019



ShameIndiansRapists 6723 ShameIndiansRapists -HINDUSTAN-4 hours ago

VERY PROUDLY MADE IN INDIA.....................



Ram Prakash Shroff9542 Ram Prakash Shroff-Mumbai-2 hours ago

The highest tax paying city, the richest Municipal corporation, lowest Infrastructure.



Ragsvan613005 Ragsvan6 -Location-3 hours ago

Maximum city with minimum infrastructure. Pathetic.



Ranjan Kumar1516 Ranjan-3 hours ago

Corruption practice by Congress , which has infacted our blood is showing result . Fittest will survive. They will not allow Bjp to work . India is at the mercy of corrupt leaders like Manta , Mulayam ,Lalu , Mayavati Now only God or Modi can save India



Pankaj Gairola Pankaj Gairola-3 hours ago

BMC is the richest Municipal corporation of asia. Still neither we have good roads in mumbai, good water supply in mumbai, good bridges in mumbai. Dont know where all these money goes apart from BMC officials pockets.



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