Chinese gun-maker shares strange video of laser-firing AK-47 in a bid to silence sceptics of its Star Wars-like military weapon


Strange new footage claims to show people using the Star Wars-like weapon

The unverified footage appears to show the gun setting fire to a wooden board

In line with previous claims, the weapon can burn through clothes and fabric

The weapon weighs around the same as an AK-47 (three kilos, or 6.6lbs)

Dr David James from Cranfield University told MailOnline earlier this week that the company's claims may have been exaggerated








A Chinese gun-maker has shared a video of its 'laser AK-47' which it claims can cause 'pain beyond endurance' in a bid to silence sceptics.


The strange new footage appears to show people using the Star Wars-like weapon to set fire to targets on a rooftop from several hundred metres away.


Sources say the weapon weighs around the same as an AK-47 (three kilos, or 6.6lbs) and has a range of 800 metres (0.5 miles).



Experts are not convinced by the Chinese company's claims its laser-powered weapon can fire beams up to a kilometre and 'burn through clothes in a split second'.


The prototype ZKZM-500 was developed Xian Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shaanxi province according to an article by the South China Morning Post.


One scientist involved with the project told the publication the weapon would 'burn through clothes in a split second … If the fabric is flammable, the whole person will be set on fire.'


The company behind the weapon, ZKZM Laser, has now shown footage that purports to show someone firing the gadget in Xian, Shaanxi province in May.


The unverified footage alleges to show the weapon zapping a board propped against a wall, leaving blackened holes and a flame.


Other footage shows it quickly burning through a T-shirt and setting a tyre on fire.

It is unclear from what distance the device is being used and the validity of the footage has not been independently verified.



Dr David James, a senior lecturer at Cranfield University and expert in lasers told MailOnline earlier this week that the company's claims may have been exaggerated.


'If the targets clothes are not very absorbent at the laser wavelength, non-flammable or fire retardant, or if there is mist, fog or rain, the laser power delivered to the target will be seriously reduced', he said.

He said that this would 'in turn reducing the effective range as well as perhaps making the target harder to see in the first place'.



'As for the effect of being hit by the laser this would primarily be the burning of clothing and/or skin, prolonged exposure to multiple shots would increase the severity of any burns but would actually be unlikely', he said.


The company claims the handheld weapon can hit targets half a mile away using an energy beam that cannot be seen but causes 'instant carbonisation' of human skin.


Scientists, who have not been named due to the sensitivity of the project, claim the weapon is powerful enough to pass through windows.


Sources say the rifle is ready to be mass produced and will first be distributed to police anti-terrorism squads - though no date has been given for deployment.


It is believed the 15mm calibre weapon will be charged using a lithium battery and could be mounted on cars, boats and planes.


It is able to fire more than 1,000 'shots' with each one lasting a maximum of two seconds.


'If the specifications stated are correct then it certainly represents a step change in weapons technology', Dr James told MailOnline.


'If this laser output is 'invisible', as stated, then it is almost certainly operating in the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum and the ability to burn clothing and skin at up to 500m is possible with modern laser materials', he said.


'The ZKZM-500 might also be the first type of device for this purpose that does not involve any physical contact with the rioters – unlike batons, tazers, rubber bullets, water cannon and tear gas', said Dr James.


The researchers said its invisible frequency and the fact it produces no sound gives the advantage of stealthy attacks.

'It will look like an accident,' they said.



Initially, production costs are set to be 100,000 yuan (US$15,000/ £11,000) per unit.


It is reportedly ready for mass production, but maker ZKZM Laser hasn't found a licensed partner yet, according to the SCMP.

据《南华早报》报道,ZKZM Laser 1.0软件据称已准备投入批量生产,但尚未找到授权的合作伙伴。

Given their potential for misuse, the design and production of the devices will be tightly controlled with government agencies the only permitted customers.


The weapon will likely first roll out to Chinese SWAT units, who could fire the weapons through windows to disable kidnappers in a hostage situation.


The silent weapon could also be used by the military as it can burn through a gas tank and ignite fuel storage.


The SCMP reports that a technical document detailing information about the weapon was released last month on the Public Service Platform for National Civil-Military Integration.


The rifle was described as 'non-lethal' in the paper because the laser rifle does not inflict the penetrative damage of a normal gun.



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RufusMung, New York, United States, 5 hours ago

"Made in China", pretty much says it all.



John Taylor , San Francisco , United States, 5 hours ago

I can do that with a magnifying glass.



c5then, philadelphia, United States, 6 hours ago

Oh.. OK...i believe it now. LOL.

哦. .好吧……现在我信了,哈哈


Rob, Belfast, United Kingdom, 7 hours ago

So it will give you a little burn rather that ripping a hole though flesh and bone that a simular sized assult rifle will do out to about 400 meters?



MegaManWithThePlan, Chichester, United Kingdom, 7 hours ago

It's not an AK-47, bullets or no bullets, it's not an AK.

这也不算AK-47,根本没子弹, 根本不是AK系列的。。


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