原文标题:China launches 'magnetic' train


BEIJING: China has built a lighter version of magnetically levitated (maglev) train that it plans to use on mountain slopes and highly populated areas of Beijing and Shanghai. The train will run at less than one-fifth of the speed of the Japanese maglev trains.


It is a bad news for maglev makers in Germany and Japan , who were eagerly awaiting contracts for lying of maglev routes around Beijing and Shanghai.


The train was made operational on Friday. Chinese maglev maker, Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co Ltd, claimed its product is comparatively cheaper and more environment-friendly . The small three-carriage train can touch a maximum speed of 100km an hour and carry 600 passengers. It has a minimum turning radius of 50m and can easily run through heavilypopulated residential areas and hilly slopes, officials said.


"The Chinese version of maglev is a lot safer and quieter as compared to the conventional ones,'' said Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co Ltd general manager Xu Zongxiang . "The company has minimized the risk of derailing or overturning.''



Siloo Kapadia (Singapore)
23 Jan, 2012 05:34 PM
Once again China proves that they are ahead of India. They are more interested in learning from the world to better their country. Most Chinese students who go abroad learn as much as they can, then return and build empires in China and FOR China. Too many Indian students, however, still go abroad with the idea of cutting their ties with India and making a better life for themselves. Also Chinese are quick to see their own faults. They KNEW theyw ere behind the world so are doing everything to catch up. What is India doing?China was BEHIND us in the 1960s, now they ae generations ahead of us. What happened? For one thing, they learned to cut through their red tape, their xenophobia, their inferiority and superiority complexes, and any crazy idea of economic socialism. India has yet to make a serious advance in any of these areas. Come on, India, what are you waiting for? STOP COMPARING YOURSELVES WITH PAKISTAN. THEY ARE A FAILED STATE. Try to raise the bar and do better than mediocre. Learn to welcome foreigners rather than see them all as spys. And set out to entice NRIs to come back to settle. We can do it, IF we try.



Sudheer Grover (United States of America) replies to Siloo Kapadia
26 Jan, 2012 08:04 AM
Siloo and folks who agree with and recommend the comment, can buy a one way ticket to China. I will gladly come to see you off. Siloo first point the finger at yourself. You live in Singapore and have the gall to complain about other Indians. I am absolutely sure that you and 28 other folks who agree with you, do not know the following facts:


2) You can do what your heart desires in INDIA. Try doing that in China.

3) You and 28 other ignorant souls compare INDIA to Pakistan.

4) How many times have you visited Pakistan to call it a failed state?

Just by reading a couple of articles in the news paper does not make you THE PANDIT to form an opinion about any country. I am a PROUD INDIAN living in another democratic country, United States of America.


  1. 印度是世界上最古老和最大的皿煮国家。

  2. 你可以随心所意在印度做事。试试在中国那样做。

  3. 你和其他28个无知的家伙将印度和巴基斯坦相比较

  4. 你称巴基斯坦是个失败国家,那你访问了巴基斯坦多少次?


Siloo Kapadia replies to Sudheer Grover
26 Jan, 2012 03:40 PM
Sudheer, you are an ignorant Indian living in a country that is going bust, the United States of America. That is all. Yes, we tried very hard to go back to India but could not get a job there. Or else we would be living there. You surely not only have no idea as to what is going on in India and China, let alone America.


Sudheer Grover replies to Siloo Kapadia
04 Feb, 2012 02:13 AM
Bandhu, Take a chill pill. NEVER EVER criticize BHARAT MATA. Mera BHARAT MAHAN. As a matter of fact DO NOT EVER criticize USA. BHARAT and USA together will RULE the world. FREEDOM is the concept only BHARAT and USA know. You say quote "Yes, we tried very hard to go back to India but could not get a job there. Or else we would be living there." You are incompetent by BHARAT standards, raise your level of intelligence, come out of the hole you are living in and smell the fresh air. Probably then BHARAT mata will consider your case...


Bal (Fra)
23 Jan, 2012 01:26 AM
Come on India it is time to build the maglev train. Work with China, instead of just admiring their progress. We Indians are capable of doing it.


ghouse (india)
22 Jan, 2012 04:28 PM
i request my indian brothers dont talk against china now,we must appreciate that atleast they are not dependent on west as we depend for each and everything from west countries.. china people not only good at this innovations,apart from that they are manufacturing their own nuclear weapons on their own land and creating millions of jobs everyyear and saving billions of dollars in feeding to west countries.


W (SF) replies to ghouse
22 Jan, 2012 05:28 PM
Good comment. What the West is angry about is China doesn't purchase their products at ridiculous prices, but instead spends the time and effort to learn the technology.


SM (Bangalore) replies to ghouse
23 Jan, 2012 01:17 AM
Wish they made quality an important aspect of products being manufactured. Most of the products are anyway made in China, there is a vast difference in quality to the products made before the Chinese invasion into the manufacturing industry


ghouse replies to SM
23 Jan, 2012 12:45 PM
china's population is 1.2 billion and their economy is 7 trillion dollar and our population is 1.25 billion and our economy is 1.7 trillion dollar gdp, millions of indians are migrating to other countries like US,CANADA,AUSTRALIA,uk for job purposes and they are settling down there itself and in china,very few lakhs of poeple are going to foreign countries for job purpose..


German (Germany)
22 Jan, 2012 02:53 PM
The Chinese copied the Technology from us Germans. We are very angry about this. This is a typicl example of how the Chinese bring in Hi-Tech into China by promising them future contracts and then copy them for themselves......These guys also did the same with our cars and even copied the your Indian Bajaj motor cycle and all those pharmaceuticals........The Chinese are BIG COPY CATS and nothing else. Many German companies are coming back.


Laughtusuun (Wronendofboot) replies to German
23 Jan, 2012 08:43 AM
Don't talk too much. When the Euro collapes and the Germans sack you, you might have to go to China to work in their BIG COPY CAT factories.


DM replies to Laughtusuun
24 Jan, 2012 04:09 PM
The facts remains that not too long ago the Chinese were exposed of selling fake drugs in Africa with the tag 'Made in India'. The Germans pay more to their unemployed as social benefits than the Chinese do to their employed.I rather be Unemployed in Germany than be employed in China


Laughtusuun replies to DM
26 Jan, 2012 02:13 AM
You rather be "unemployed in germany....." This statement really reveals how much pride you have in yourself, a pride that is missing not only in you but in many other Indians. You are just a parasite in germany , I doubt you contribute anything at all. Where is my cockroach spray...?


SKB (Ght)
22 Jan, 2012 10:07 AM
It is good news for us Asians that some among us are catching up with the Europeans and Americans. Instead of rediculing them without knowing the truth which we Indians do(Like it or not), we should congratulate the Chinese and take a leaf out of their innovative prowess.


FACTS (Mumbai)
22 Jan, 2012 08:10 AM
It is also bad news for Indian 'talkers', once again it proved doers win, talkers fail. The Tata Nano could make the headline news, but it just couldn't deliver the promise. Tata could spend years talking about the Nano "innovation", at the end what mattered is the reality in the market place. There was no innovation in such a car after all as we already found out. Keep going. The maglev companies in Germany and Japan can now turn to India (if India can put together the billions of dollars they will ask for).


badegg (US) replies to FACTS
22 Jan, 2012 09:57 AM
If Germany and Japan want to sell maglev trains to India, India should turn the offer down. China built a high-speed maglev in Shanghai at cost of 9 billion RMB back then. China did it because there was an argue between two groups of scientists and engineers before China's massive construction of high-spped railway system.

One group prefered maglev since it is a more advanced technology and maybe the trend.China's then-prime minister Zhu was in this group. Another group chosed traditional high-speed since it is a proven technology and it is more suitable for China's technology and engineering level.

Chinas central gov wanted to calm down the debate using the experimental project.The project proved that the technology was not mature enough for China's massive high-speed raiway system that costs China more than one trillion dollars. But China gained a lot from the project. China bargained technology transfer from German company since China was the only possible user of the technology. Today China is still working on domestic model of high-speed maglev trains that target inter-city mass transportation, and also the low-medium speed version I in this news)that is suitable for inter-city mass transportation.




Hyperluminal (Wormhole) replies to badegg
22 Jan, 2012 10:22 AM
Then, I don't understand what's so special in Chinese Maglev trains? Its like travelling from Paris to New Delhi in a Concord plane in a 15 hours journey, right? Then in this case its better to travel in a normal Airbus A330 than travelling in a Concord which is highly expensive & less safe.

In the same way its economical & safe to use the normal passenger trains like shatabdi express, etc which normally travel at 150 kms per hour which is more than the speed of Chinease Maglev which travel at 100 kms per hour. Moreover there are no mountains in New Delhi & Mumbai :p



badegg replies to Hyperluminal
22 Jan, 2012 10:49 AM
Maglev trains are more quiet, more confortable and more energy-saving. That's the trend for mass transportation. The slow-mediunm speed version is good for intra-city, short distance transportation that needs frequent stops.

Train system is the best way for mass transportation, and is good for large population country like India and China. Planes can do the work, but they are more costy and, use more energy (10 times of trains' energy use in average), and have less capacity.

Beijing-Shanghai high-speed trains moved more than 25 million passangers in its first half year and is still growing fast. 40 million passangers a year can make a high-speed railway profitable. The line's capacity is 100 million a year. You cannot imagine to use planes to move so many people between 2 cities.




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