china bullet train
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chenese are dedicated to work and they are 100% patriotic. i have worked in china & found , we indian can not compete with them , though they have less cultivated land as compair to india but producing more food grains and distribute in a nice way. DANDE BAGAR HINDUSTAN SUDHARENGA NAHEE , hum hindustanee sirf baba aur netaonke erd-gird ghumate rahenge.FIR BHEE MERA BHARAT MAHAN


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Re: china bullet train
by Ram kumar (View MyPage) on Jun 18, 2011 11:49 AM
Simple,China has only its national people.There is No migration from other countries.In India we have people from different countries,different religions, caste,creed etc.So its No that easy to compare with china.(USA is exception)


Re: Re: china bullet train
by Jugal Ahuja (View MyPage) on Jun 18, 2011 08:17 PM
ram kumar i would like to update you that in north china there are many north koreans working the industries of tianjin,harbin,shenyang,& dalian.similarly in shanghai,guangzhou,& shenzhen there are many philophino maids working in houses of rich chinese,vietnamese/laotian/cambodian workers in the industries of east & south china. there numbers can be anywhere between 6 to 8 lakhs.

ram kumar,我想要更新你的看法。在中国北部,许多朝鲜人在天津、哈尔滨、沈阳和大连等地方的各项产业里工作。类似地,在上海、广州和深圳,有许多菲佣在富裕中国人家里工作;在中国东部和南部的各项产业里有越南、老挝和柬埔寨工人。这些数字介于60万到80万之间。

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china is worse than india
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Indians are bad, Chinese are worse. No matter how much chinese progress their thinking suck. They will not progress in real.


Re: china is worse than india
by pradeep kotwal (View MyPage) on Jun 18, 2011 11:40 AM
But Chinese are better then Indian. They think about nation and we are helping to sell national assets part by part.


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Indian Trains
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Every time, I read such article about china, my heart poses a question "Will there be a day when Indian growth story will be talked about around the world ?". I can't envisage outcome of totalitarian style of operation in generations terms, but i thing is for sure china is changing millions of people lives. Good or Bad god knows but this is the BIG story in MANKIND's history.I hope we educated Indian's put aside our regional/caste/gotra/religion identity aside and work towards betterment of India instead of blaming government and Politician's. It's easy to blame than rationally examining the things. All the so called thugs haven't come from heaven's and they all have come from within us.

I think the so called unity in diversity is one of the major contributor to lack of indian growth. Too many rituals identities are hindrance. I think we MUST have more cities infact every state should target to have 4 large cities. Every large city can't have ports due to geographical location however it can still be a metro city from infrastructure,education,industry perspective. The state having coastal lines should pursue even bigger goals. Think of having 120 large cities with ongoing development's and population migration activities. We will have inter cast, inter faith marriages and we will have less rigid identity. End result 1 indian instead of north/south indian OR Punjabi,Sindhi,Gujarati,Marathi,Tamil,Telugu,Bengali,Oriya etc....



Re: Indian Trains
by NashikMarathi (View MyPage) on Jun 18, 2011 10:38 AM
More UP/Bihar migration to Maharashtra? NO THANKS.

Enough of this crap. Just thinking as an Indian is not going to improve UP/Bihar. People there have to start by being responsible THEMSELVES. According to National family health survey per couple fertility is 3.8 in UP and 4.0 in Bihar. India average is 2.7 and AP is 1.9, Punjab 2.0 and Maharashtra 2.1

Now how are people in UP/Bihar going to breed less by Marathis/Telugus/Punjabis ditching their identities?

Problems in India are much deeper than regionalism. Regionalism is an excuse. Your dream may be to UP/Biharify rest of India but not everyone wants their home state to be like UP/Bihar.




Re: Indian Trains
by gurdjiff@rediffmail.com (View MyPage) on Jun 18, 2011 07:10 AM
Once our Indian Identity is established, onus would be on performance. We would be selecting the people on meritocracy instead of castocracy OR Religious identity.Once we have 5-10 % enduring honest people system will move towards productivity and results will be apparent thereafter. Someone working in Chennai and native of Delhi OR Vice verse can't dream of half yearly vacation or emergency trips. Our railways will take 3 days to travel and mind you everyone can't afford air ticket presuming they are family of 3-4.


Re: Re: Indian Trains
by NashikMarathi (View MyPage) on Jun 18, 2011 10:44 AM
Yeah - basically let UP/Bihar people migrate to other more responsible states....

Never mind China - answer why the Bihar state govt generates 1.9 GW of electricity in Bihar when Maharashtra state govt generates 22.6 GW? One tenth of Maharashtra which is largest in nation? WHY? These numbers from ministry of power quoted in Wikipedia.

Let each state fix its own problems and not burden other more responsible states with the excuse being "China has bullet

trains so....".




So What!!!
by obamabush (View MyPage) on Jun 17, 2011 04:07 PM

We have our own bollywood bombshells who can power our youngs!!!


Improve Basics First
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China is growing at more than 10% for more than 3 decades now so they have resources and they have absolute totalitarin government where nobody can resist what government decides to do, it has its plus and minuses, so it is of no use to compare to China.

At least we must try to increase speed of the trains if not these super speeds. Currently, it is taking 44 hours to cover the distance of 2400 km(Bangalore in South to Jaipur in North)which comes to an average speed of 50-60 km, this is pathetic in these modern times. Mind you at the time of independence India inherited far better Railway infrastructure than China.

What could be expected with the politics taking precendence over everything and MPs demanding Railway Ministry for their political gains and then starting trains to every village in their constituency(Laloo, Nitish, Paswan) and with their eyes on CM post and Railway being just a pass time(Mamta) where is the time and will to invest in infrastructure, common man be damned.

Improve food some, mind some, for the charge they are taking which is market rate and at least give clean blankets and bedsheets in each journey if not more.






Re: Improve Basics First
by bigben bigben (View MyPage) on Jun 18, 2011 01:26 PM
Exactly, the priority should be to increase the average speed of journeys from 40-60kmph to 100-120kmph.

This will reduce
36 hr journeys to 20-22hrs
24 hr journeys to 12-14hrs
18 hr journeys to 9-10hrs
12 hr journeys to 6-7hrs.

This is more than enough for the next 10-15 years and will not cost much money in investment. Millions of man-hours will be saved on daily basis.








china is a beautiful country
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I frequenty visit beijing and shanghai. not only these cities but whole china is a beatiful country including towns and villages. in financial capital of india, Mumbai, except some posh area like Nariman point and cuffe parade, whole mumbai is a big zopadpatti. see the local trains in mumbai, china will not purchase these trains even fro Bhangar/scrap. this kind of developmet is just not possible in India where 90% people are corrupt and can go to any extent for money.


Re: china is a beautiful country
by bigben bigben (View MyPage) on Jun 18, 2011 01:29 PM
Mumbai Locals are probably the most efficient train system in the world.

Can you get 5 rupees ticket anywhere else? In Beijing? NY? London? The cost will be 10-fold.

Yes, Mumbai locals can be improved, but it is the lifeline of the city. And it is not meant for rich-snobbish people like you, but for the common man. Cheapest and fastest way to travel in Mumbai.




five year plan
by vilas apte (View MyPage) on Jun 17, 2011 10:03 AM

china's 12th 5 year plan(2011-2015)envisages extensive extension to the HSR service in such a way that all provincial capitals of china's provinces are within an 8hrs journey from beijing the national capital. the exceptions will be urumqui& lhasa, capital of xinjiang,& tibet, as both of these are over 4500 kms distance from beijing.indians must remember that china is 3 times india's size in area.


the 1st image caption....
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"China's high-speed rail project is the biggest transportation infrastructure plan in human history and it is transforming the Chinese landscape and economy."

how true is this!!!!



And we still shit in the open
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You know, I don't want high speed train. I want clean toilets. Toilets that don't have fellow indian's shit and piss everywhere around. Is that too much to ask? Human faeces in the railway tracks in 2011 is the true face of indian development


Re: And we still shit in the open
by SaneIndian (View MyPage) on Jun 17, 2011 12:59 AM
India is a free land.. Indians have the right to sh.it anywhere and everywhere...

Our politicians have fought hard with British to earn the right to sh.it anywhere. Nobody has the authority to deny Indians from doing it.



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Nehru realized way back in the 1950s the important of India China friendship and coined the slogan Hindi-Chini bhai bhai, a slogan that has stood the test of time.

FAST FORWARD to 2011 - Today INDIA CHINA along with PAKISTAN is the very group of friendly countries that have dislodged even the United States of America from it's superpowerhood that it had held from 1947 onwards. NEHRU realized this and had SEEN THIS WAY back in the 1950s !!!!

Was NEHRU a chosen by divine to bring about peace in our ASIAN region ?




No comparsion between China and India in infrastructure
by Raj Gupta (View MyPage) on Jun 16, 2011 10:29 PM

China baely had 20000 km of raiways in 1949 when communist party took the power and more than half of that was damaged or even destroyed during the long time wars.

But in 1978, China had 50000 km of railways and now China has about 90000 km. China has build 70000 km of new lines in 62 years

India had 55000 km of railways left by Brits. Now India has a 65000 km of railway networks. India only have built about 10000 km of railways in 66 years.

The above is only quantitive comparison. The quality gap is immense too.




Will we ever...
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I wish we could see China's infra and development in India too... will we ever see this kind of thing in our lifetime?


You need land and strong Govt to take up these projects
by SaneIndian (View MyPage) on Jun 16, 2011 08:51 PM | Hide replies

In India, you cannot do anything...

You try to implement a project, there will be local goons stalling the project. Then there will be tree huggers protesting and cutting down of trees and then never mention the corruption and inferior tracks...

India needs chinese type Govt when it comes to implementing projects. You cannot stall a project just because some people get affected by it.. Politicians will not do anything for the fear of losing vote bank.




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Indian system is not mean to acheive immediate results. What chinese do in 1yr, will take India 10yrs to do the same. Some projects just rot for 20-30yrs and finally will be scrapped.

India can forget about doing what China has been doing unless our Governance structure is changed. You cannot have everyone talk and have their say to achieve big goals. It will be just chaos.



Re: You need land and strong Govt to take up these projects
by Spagas (View MyPage) on Jun 17, 2011 12:37 AM
But what about freedom? We are free people - we can shit/piss anywhere. Can you do that in China?

This freedom is more important than chinese style.



Re: Re: You need land and strong Govt to take up these projects
by shubasrikrishna (View MyPage) on Jun 17, 2011 09:56 AM
Dear Sane indian,
I think the people will also have to be blamed. We just cannot be clean in public places: just see the way we dirty our trains, especially peeling those groundnuts and dropping it inside....



Bullet train = waste of money
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High speed bullet trains is a waste of money. A single bullet train cant carry more than 300-400 passengers. (Say 60 per bogie and 5 bogies). No bullet train has more than 5-6 bogies.

300-400 can be carried easily in 2 planes. Moreover to create bullet trains, large amount of land is required. We are already having trouble acquiring land for factories which provide 1000's of jobs. How will govt acquire nearly 100,000 times more land than reqd for a Nano factory for Bullet trains?

It is best to use airplanes. You can reach in 2 hrs while bullet train will take 6-7 hrs. Also no land is wasted other than airports in each city which can each accomodate 1 lakh to 1 million passengers a day.

If govt reduces taxes on ATF, airfares will fall by 40% and will be comparable to 2AC fares.

Bullet trains are sheer waste. It is better to double-track all our existing lines and increase average speed to 100kmph for express, 80kmph for mail and 120kmph for superfast trains.

That will make Mumbai-Delhi 12hrs, Mumbai-Chennai 11hrs, Delhi-Kolkata 14hrs, etc which is very reasonable for superfast. No greater speed nor enormous investment needed.







Re: Bullet train = waste of money
by Raj Gupta (View MyPage) on Jun 16, 2011 08:45 PM
You need to make some research before opening you mouth. The shortest bullet trains in China have 8 bogies each with capacity of about 500 passengers. Another configuration is 16 bogies with passengers of about 1000 passengers. Both can run at 380km/hour in commercial operations. Now China reduced te operational speed to 300km/hour for low ticket price to make it more affordable.

The most important is that buillet trains use only 10% of the energy the planes use for each passenger.



Re: Bullet train = waste of money
by vilas apte (View MyPage) on Jun 17, 2011 09:53 AM
you bigben, have you travelled in a bullet train,i have taken a ride in the wuhan-guangzhou HSR, 900kms in 3 hrs flat. you get the feeling of travelling in a air plane, no bumps,or vibrations/ gyrations.for your information this particular train has 16 coaches including a restaurant coach & driven by 2 CRH380 engines, one at front, the other at the back.

before commenting on HSR's being useless/a waste of money, think of the india's aam aadmi, which consists of more than 70% of our population,can they afford air travel,travelling to airports in taxis & paying exorbitant fares. rail stations are all located within the city ,& thus connected by public transport. china's HSR are a envy of the western world & india.



Re: Bullet train = waste of money
by Pravahan Salunke (View MyPage) on Jun 16, 2011 07:58 PM
A single bullet train can be designed long enough to carry around 800-900 passsengers or Two trains can be coupled to form a longer consist. Eurostar and Korean bullet trains are 20 coaches long. Bullet trains also consume a lot less energy per passenger than planes. The train tracks can be elevated as china or japan have done to avoid land aquisition issues (they also have a high population density like we do).

We have already doubled most of our trunk lines and also electrified them. Trains run on them upto a top speed of 130 kmph. However for average speeds to increase the top speeds also need to increase as also the capacity. The problem with planes is that though faster they consume more fuel and their greenhouse emissions are also higher. Air travel also needs an enhanced security apparatus at the airports to ensure security of the passengers and avoid 9/11 or kandahar like fiascos.

Comparatively bullet trains don't require security to that extent and chances of hijacking a train are remote. Also bullet trains have the best safety record of any transport mode. Sure it is a lot of money to invest. But the long term benefits are tremendous. To make any other mode (air travel or road travel) similarly efficient and high capacity comparative investments have to be made. China is doing something path-breaking here.




Re: Bullet train = waste of money
by me critic (View MyPage) on Jun 16, 2011 07:42 PM
Completely agree. It costs much less to enhance the speed of current rail network. Most Indian trains run at an average speed of 50-60 kmph which if enhanced to 100 kmph will result in reduction of time by half. I am sure we will be fine with that :)

完全同意。加强现有铁路网络的速度的成本低得多。大多数印度火车的平均速度是50到60公里/小时。如果提高到100公里/小时,将使时间减半。我肯定我们将对此满意 :)

Only if..
by Anamika (View MyPage) on Jun 16, 2011 07:06 PM | Hide replies

Only if our political barstewards had half of this pride and self-esteem... sigh.. can only dream...


Re: Only if..
by JayaKrishnan B (View MyPage) on Jun 16, 2011 07:16 PM
And only if jokers like you would think before talking. Do you even known what would be the cost of travelling in these trains, and do you even known these bullets trains run nearly half empty cause people cannot afford the cost


by Naresh Kapoor (View MyPage) on Jun 16, 2011 07:01 PM | Hide replies

CRH (china high speed) railways is an amazing experience. I am talking about normal high speed trains which runs as fast as 350 kms per hour and i have expeerienced the journed in CRH several times. The trains are really beatiful. Also u see the stations just better than indian airports (except delhi) check in like planes. everything is computer controlled. tickets are very cheap for a journey of 200 kms to be covered in 50 minutes, you need to pay only INR 600. Pls don't make any comparison with Indian Railways.


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by Vissapragada Prabhakar (View MyPage) on Jun 16, 2011 07:09 PM
appreciate your comments as China is definitely far ahead of India in many infrastrucutre proejects. H/ever we also hv Metro projects in India now which are very efficient and also very well maintained. Delhi Metro is one such glaring example. We too are growing but not at the pace China is growing. Still Indian passenger may hesitate to pay Rs.600 for a travel of 200 Kms when you can travel 800 Kms in Rs.200. We need to improve ... especially high end corruption which is destroying this economy without a feel of it...


Where is IIT
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Where are B.Tech, M.Tech degree holders and other scientists, technologists, engineers in India? what exactly they are doing? see the condition of trains in India? they cant even repair it properly let along building such bullet trains.


Re: Where is IIT
by me critic (View MyPage) on Jun 16, 2011 07:45 PM
Blame the politicians and babus. Railway ministry is a cow which everyone wants to milk. The dabbas that run on our tracks are already obsolete in most parts of the world


Re: Where is IIT
by deepak murmu (View MyPage) on Jun 16, 2011 07:11 PM
India is behind just because of stupid people like u.how can u blame IITs or engineers or scientists.What will they do when govt. doesn't initiate such projects and quite obvious that neither u or ur dad's gonna pay for such projects.


Re: Re: Where is IIT
by gundu (View MyPage) on Jun 16, 2011 07:17 PM
you will not believe there is one B.Tech degree holder (IIT) in my company. He does not even understand basic formatting in MS word or Excel chart, page setting, margin, header, footer. Imagine. Even my son studying in 8th std has better knowledge of these things. any way how many big inventions have been made by indians in chemistry, physicis, astronomy, botany, mathematics.


Re: Where is IIT
by Politician Hater (View MyPage) on Jun 16, 2011 06:57 PM
Its not fair to blame IITians the entire corrupt political system is responsible for this.



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