西方又在捧杀印度了。据印度Rediff网报道,美国兰德公司(RAND Corporation )称,由于印度的政治经济体制提供更有助于创业、创新和发明的环境,印度在未来20年里比中国在加强竞争力方面有更好的机会。然而,有的印度网民称“我们领先的是腐败、贫穷、违法、污染和破败基础设施”;有的印度网民则称“中国目前至少领先30年”。



by SRIDHAR RAGHUNATHARAO (View MyPage) on Sep 05, 2011 09:48 AMIn my assessment, whatever the economic growth we claim to have achieved is only from service sector and NOT on either on industrial or on agricultural sector. My honest opinion is that we do not have our own technological or innovative development and our dependence on foreign technologies and know how is very high. As such, we can not carry on for long.Even service sector has a direct impact on this vital front. On agricultural front, less said is better as I do not see any efforts on this front. China is certainly way ahead of us in all the three vital sectors of economic growth and we have a lot to take lessons from them.It's therefore my sincere appeal to all concerned that we should not get lost on this illusion and we MUST dedicate total efforts for our technological and innovative growth.Thanks for providing me an opportunity to voice my sincere feelings.





Read the NYT Article 2 days ago
by xxx yyy (View MyPage) on Sep 05, 2011 06:49 AM

Go to New York Times web site and search for "india-looks-to-china-as-an-economic-model" . A few excerpts:

MUMBAI, India — It seems to be a national obsession in India: measuring the country’s economic development against China’s yardstick.

“Indians are obsessed with China, but the Chinese are paying too little attention to India,” said Minxin Pei, an economist who was born in China and who writes a monthly column for The Indian Express, a national daily newspaper. (No Indian economists are known to have a regular column in mainland Chinese publications.)

Most Chinese are unconcerned with how India is growing and changing, because they prefer to compare their country with the United States and Europe, said Mr. Pei, a professor at Claremont McKenna College near Los Angeles. He says he has tried to organize conferences about India in China but has struggled to find enough Chinese India experts.





Totally Agree absoultely true
by india voice (View MyPage) on Sep 05, 2011 06:20 AM

We lead in corrption, poverty, lawlesness and pollution , bad infrastucture and currently in no position to compare with china they are 50 years ahead of us. I wish and hope our govt takes a proactive approach and make india shine. lets hope for the best....


No land for small enterprises in india
by gautam sharma (View MyPage) on Aug 28, 2011 09:38 PM | Hide replies

Today india cannot face the monster competetion from china. Due to wrong political decision relating to economic & industrial development in all sectors of industry, it has experienced a mojor setback in the last decade.

indian Govt is more interested in importing goods from China rather then producing them in india or Signing MOU with multinational companies & alloting acers of prime land by snatching them from the poor farmers in the name of SEZ by luering them for few jobs in these cos. Govt has never ever thought to develop indian industries or encouraging enterprenuerships in india.

Govt has allotted big lands & facilities to develop BPO's & IT Parks where people mainly work for some or the other multinationals. Moreover govt is doing nothing for the growth of micro level industries. If anybody wants to start a small business in anywhere india it has become a tough time to find a good place with required power & facilities to start his factory or office in a reasonable price.

Land prices have become so expensive that a normal middle class person cannot even think to buy it or even get it on rent to start his factory. Govt has no schemes for small enterprises to get him land or premises in subsidised rates. Govt indl areas are not allotting small areas or space for small enterprises. They allot big lands atleast 800 or 600 Sq meter that too in a pretty high price to people who bribe the allottment officers and then sell them to others in a real e





Re: No land for small enterprises in india
by piyush patel (View MyPage) on Sep 04, 2011 06:47 PM
Dear Gautam
Wel come to Gujarat.you will get all the facility in Gujarat.i was Farmer before 5yr Now i have my own textile unit in gujarat.Now we are producing 45tone in month of yarn productions.Thanks to Goverment of Gujarat.


by Ujwala Kulkarni (View MyPage) on Aug 28, 2011 08:52 PM

The Chinese juggernaut has beaten India all ends up in virtually every sphere of life. Just ensure that India does not loose its traditional edge in IT and BPO. This is mainly due to the prowess in English. BUT CHINA HAS BEEN TRYING HARD TO OVERCOME THIS DEFICIENCY. AND THEIR ENGLISH WON'T BE THE LOW GRADE LINGO THAT PASSES FOR ENGLISH IN INDIA.

The Americans have never been India's friends. All this sweet talk is only aimed at selling their low grade technology and merchandise to India. Like they say: BEWARE OF GREEKS CARRYING GIFTS.



There is MUCH Bigger Fight NEEDEDAnnaji to Solve Our ILLS
by Ting Ting (View MyPage) on Aug 28, 2011 08:43 PM

There is a MUCH Greater Fight at hand for Anna Hazare&his team if they want to Clean up the System, First&Formost Anna MUST cmapaing aggressivley for implemenation of Uniform Civil Code and make ALL indias equal and Abolish the Minority super citizen and majoirty slave7third class slaves Divide Forever&ABolish the Vote Ban Politics of crooked Poltiical parties& dacoit politicians. Can he do it??? THEN ANNA WILL BE ADMIRED AS LORD RAM OR LORD KRISHNA or as another avtar of supreme Being.

Anna Hazareji Must Continue His Fight to Solve ALL Ills of Our Farcial Democracy1)Anna Must Campaign NOW for the following.

1) Voting must be limited to Only those with a minimum education qualification

2) Voting Must be made Compulsory& those without Voting, without special health or other reason must be fined or jailed

3) term of Assembly Must be ONLY for 3 years and NO candicate must be allowed to compete in elections for more than 2 Terms

4) Presidential system msut be introduced immediately like in USA and national president must be elected by national election as in USA

5) if a candidate does NOT get more than 50 percent of votes polled, that election must be cancelled and another election held to elect the leader

如果安纳·哈扎尔(三泰虎注:安纳是印度反腐斗士)和他的团队想要整顿体制,眼前有更伟大的斗争。首先,安纳必须为实施统一的民法而积极活动,让所有印度人平等,并废除 超国民待遇和多数民族三流奴隶待遇。永远废除扭曲政党和土匪政客的票仓政治。他能办到吗???(如果能的话)安纳将被当成主罗摩、或者克里斯那、或者其他至高无上的神一样敬仰。







India has more plus than china but
by somnath pawor (View MyPage) on Aug 28, 2011 04:22 PM | Hide replies

India has more plus points than china but due to negative leadership multiplication,result is negative.


Sleep and dream!
by The Democracy (View MyPage) on Aug 24, 2011 05:00 PM

When Indian govt will wake up, China will have taken away all export businesses from India.

Recent FDI decision by govt is like shooting at one's own feet. Foreign retailers add no value, they just take away huge money. Those retailers take away business from 10000 direct / indirect small business owners and hire 1000 low paid employees to start one retail outlet. Govt argue the retailers are creating employment. What a joke.

How many crores of bribe did Congress got from foreign retail giants to allow FDI in India?




by Banke Bihari Pande (View MyPage) on Aug 24, 2011 12:36 PM

A brainless fool only can 0nly dream it soon B Desh and Shri Lanka will be ahead of us


Forgot one point
by CaptainIndia (View MyPage) on Aug 24, 2011 12:29 PM

Writer forgot one point. India have edge for companies because of CORRUPTION factor. It's so easy to get licenses at cheap by just bribing few ministers. That's hell of a deal for CORPORATIONS!

Rediff : You guys might be working hard to bring out Congress plus points!



No way to catch China
by partha sharma (View MyPage) on Aug 24, 2011 12:21 PM

India is ahead of China only in CORRUPTION, and nothing else. With this rate of corruption in India, in all the sphere (in India apart from politicians, well-educated / qualified persons are more corrupt), it would be very difficult for India to climb on ladder in comparison to China in next half century, at least.


Another Lie !!!!!
by harish shankar (View MyPage) on Aug 24, 2011 12:18 PM

This is very difficult to happen. Indians cannot plan for longterm because of the form of government. As such common people every day fighting with each other based on religion, caste , creed ,language and now those have and have-nots. British took advantage of this... chinese will also do the same if we don't come to our senses and get our act together.


how long will you fool us
by Jugal Ahuja (View MyPage) on Aug 24, 2011 12:11 PM

lalit jha & his likes along with spurious western think tanks/journals are spewing articles intermittently about india overtaking china,india more conducive for business than china,etc. the present GDP growth rate of india & china are 8% & 9.6% respectively. presently the GDP of the two countries is $ 1.2 & $5.6 trillions as per 2010 figures.

i regularly visit china on business tours & have been to shanghai, beijing, tianjin, guangzhou, shenzhen, chongqing, chengdu, hangzhou, dalian, yuwi, huaxi etc. i & other businessmen who have business dealings with chinese companies are of the opinion that presently china is at least 30 years ahead, so for india to overtake china by 2050, india's GDP will have to grow @ the rate of 15%/yr, for the period 2031-2050 while china's should fall to below 5%/yr in the same period. moreover india will have to have double digit GDP growth in the period 2021-2030, whereas china's GDP should slip to less than 7%.

please do not mislead us indians in seeing utopian dreams.the west should first get its house in order, instead of publishing & writing such paid news.




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