印媒社评: 在合理要求得到满足之前,印度不应加入一带一路

India shouldn’t join China’s BRI until its reasonable demands are met


India is justified in opting out of China’s ambitious multi-billion dollar Belt and Road Initiative until its concerns are addressed. Chinese president Xi Jinping has asserted that the massive project which creates road, rail and naval connectivity through much of Asia with linkages to Europe and Africa has “no geopolitical calculations”.


Yet the Chinese side is unwilling to assuage Indian sensitivities on the BRI’s flagship project, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), passing through Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.


India’s position on BRI has been that “development connectivity must be transparent, fair and equal”, in the process voicing the concerns of smaller South Asian countries that these projects will leave them indebted to China, economically and politically. India and its huge market is critical to the project’s success, which is also a way for Chinese companies to parcel out their huge debts to other nations.


These include countries that have faced the brunt of colonialism until a century ago. China’s hesitation to open up its markets to India and other countries raises the same spectre again.


Given such realities, India must goad China to settle the border issue which is a source of constant tension. Further, China must also use its immense leverage with Pakistan to end the latter’s proxy war in Kashmir. India does not have to take sides in the ongoing trade war between US and China either, as it is a firm proponent of a rules-based multilateral trade order and must insist that both sides conform to their WTO commitments.


The Modi-XI summit is an opportunity to discuss the strategic issues raised by BRI instead of sweeping them under the carpet.




India should not join the BRI




India will not join china, I bet. This is modi govt and not gandhi govt who walks and talks like garish chandra ki aulad and keeps their neighbour happy irrespective for the nation's intrest



Mat ThachirethIndia-1 day ago-Follow

To increase infrastructure growth,neighbors harmony is important like US-CANADA -Mexico free trade agreement.Productivity, tourism, supply chains, every thing will increased.



BMAustralia-23 hours ago-Follow

India must not consider OBOP unless Pakistan vacate it's aggression from Kashmir and China vacate it's aggression from Aksai Chin.



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MN KarthaNoida-1 day ago-Follow

The practice of issuing stapled visa by the Chinese embassy to Indian citizens from Arunachal Pradesh and J&K must be stopped. China was the only country among the 15-member UNSC to have opposed the ban on Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar . The Chinese must stop protecting the terrorist to please the Pak. Indian sovereignty must be respected with regard to its objections to OBOR. The Chinese must also learn to respect and drop its objections to India's NSG membership. It must also stop using Pak to bleed India. Manipulating Brhamputra to India's disadvantage also must come to a stop. But it is unlikely that the dragon which does not see anything but its own megalomaniac interests to see reason and treat India as equal for the regional and global development

中国向“阿鲁纳恰尔邦”和J&K 的印度公民签发签证的做法必须停止。在联合国安理会15个成员国中,中国是唯一一个反对对穆罕默德军主席马苏德•阿兹哈尔实施禁令的国家。中国人不应保护恐怖分子以取悦巴基斯坦。在反对一带一路的问题上,印度的主权必须得到尊重。中国必须学会尊重并不再反对印度成为核供应国家。中国还必须停止利用巴基斯坦榨取印度。操纵雅鲁藏布江,让印度处于不利形势的局面也必须终结。但是,中国巨龙除了妄尊自大的利益之外,无视其他人,不会把印度放在地区和全球发展中的平等地位。


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